Carnivals in Brazil: People Celebrate the “Triumph” of SATAN over Jesus

Carnival is the most famous party in Brazil. Not only are they known and popular in Latin America, but they are also among the best in the world. The samba, costumes, semi-naked women, sex, liquor and drugs come together in the streets of Brazil for just under a week.

Rio Carnival 2019 @


During this year, one of the floats has given much to talk about since its main theme was “Satan’s victory over Jesus.”

The samba school “Gaviões de Fiel” presented a performance full of demonic figures and a person disguised as Jesus. The intention was to show the battle between “good and evil”, but during the whole journey it was not possible to observe anything else besides the crushing beating that the demons were giving to the disguised person of Jesus.

This is only a reflection of the spiritual state of the society in which we live.


“And this is the condemnation: that light came into the world and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”     _John 3:19 





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6 thoughts on “Carnivals in Brazil: People Celebrate the “Triumph” of SATAN over Jesus

  1. jeffster1967 on said:

    Me parece que a gente aqui tem uma atitude “eu sou mais santo que você.” Eu estou aqui pra lhes dizer que não é o caso!

  2. dantanna on said:

    The Bible is about black Hebrews, Moses wife was Ethiopian , when the Romans was persecuting followers of Jesus they fled into Africa and Israel is Northern Africa. BRAZIL DOESNT HAVE PREACHERS putting this message out , none of your Candomble can touch me because the power of Jesus Yashua blood , no weapon formed shall prosper

  3. dantanna on said:

    I lived In Salvador Bahia, got involved In Candomble which I later found out its Demonic, your not talking to ancestors your talking to demons , Jesus yahashua is the only way to heaven , the demonic witchcraft is heavy there , they are fooled by Satan like black peoples were in Africa that’s why God put us in slavery for leaving him in Israel running from the Romans , We black peoples are the descendants of the Hebrews in the Bible and need to read it Deuteronomy 28-15 and see the curses put on us.

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